Angry Woman Lashes Out at Uhuru After Saudi Trip [VIDEO]

  • A woman from Bungoma County lashed out at president Uhuru Kenyatta for spending money on what she termed as unnecessary foreign trips.

    In the rant recorded in a video posted by the Daily Nation on social media on Wednesday, October 30, Christine Wamalwa passionately expressed her displeasure at what she interpreted to be the misuse of public funds.

    "I have heard in the media that Uhuru Kenyatta has gone on 31 trips. I want to ask him today now that he is in Saudi Arabia, how are his trips are helping Kenyans?" Wamalwa asked.

    Christine Wamalwa on Wednesday, October 30 called out the president for his numerous foreign trips.

    Wamalwa opined that President Uhuru's upbringing blinded him from the troubles of everyday Kenyans.

    "How are those trips helping the everyday Kenyan who sleeps hungry? You know Uhuru Kenyatta has never slept on an empty stomach.

    She also delved into the critical matter of the prohibitive cost of cancer treatment in Kenya and how the president seemed not to take it as a priority.

    "Those trips are not helping, sit down and build cancer centres in the 47 counties because it is killing many citizens," she urged.

    "We are selling lands while he continues to borrow money to go on expensive trips to Saudi Arabia," she added.

    This came after Uhuru left the country to Saudi Arabia for bilateral talks with the Kingdom's leadership.

    According to The Standard on Tuesday, October 29, Uhuru was expected in Riyadh late in the night after his flight left Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) for Saudi Arabia.

    The president had also just come from another two trips with one happening in Japan and the other taking place in Sochi, Russia.

    Below is the video courtesy of Daily Nation: