Nairobi Street Housing 10 Most Powerful Govt Offices

  • Before devolution in the country, government services were all concentrated in Nairobi and coincidentally almost all the powerful offices were on the same street.

    Till today, Harambee Avenue accommodates the most powerful offices in the land that are under the national government.

    First and foremost is the Office of the President, the highest office in Kenya, despite having another office at the State House where he executes most of his duties, the president has another office in the Central Business District.

    The office is located inside the massive Harambee House.

    Office of the President along Harambee Avenue

    The Deputy President who's the second in command also has an office along the arguably the most protected street in the country. 

    Clearly marked 'The Office of the Deputy President' is located directly opposite the office of the president and houses most of the staff that are under the deputy president. 

    The building was formerly The Office of the Prime minister.

    Harambee Avenue also houses The National Treasury and Planning, that is responsible for all the financial planning of the republic.

    Among other functions, the National Treasury formulates, implements and monitors macroeconomic policies involving expenditure and revenue.

    It also manages the level and composition of national public debt, national guarantees and other financial obligations of the national government.

    The National Treasury and Planning

    The Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government is also located on this street, with the office of the Cabinet Secretary being inside Harambee House Annexe.

    The Attorney General of Kenya also reports to work to this street with the office being located a stone throw away from the Office of the president and the registrar of companies.

    Along Harambee avenue also is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education (Jogoo House) that play a major role in the development of the country.

    Further along the street is the National Parliament building which is technically on Parliament road but also touches Harambee avenue.

    On the other end of Harambee avenue on the slip road near treasury building is the Central Bank of Kenya and The Kenya Revenue Authority which also touch Haile Selassie Avenue.

    Offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs