Babu Owino Vows to Evict Govt Agency in Fiery Rant [VIDEO]

  • Embakasi East Member of Parliament Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino on Saturday, November 9 gave a stern ultimatum to the government.

    Speaking at Good Testimony Schools 20th Anniversary, Babu ordered Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) to construct the road between Fedha Estate and Nyayo Gate B in Embakasi East or move out of his constituency.

    "I'm going to ensure that road is constructed, on Monday I will be at KURA offices, they are based at JKIA, if they can't construct for us a road, they better pack from our constituency and look for another," he threatened.

    Babu Owino speaking at Good Testimony Schools' 20th Anniversary on Saturday, November 9.

    Babu who claimed that he will do so single-handedly also added that he would use diplomacy in his mission to have the road constructed, unless otherwise.

    "I will use diplomacy to do some of these things but when it fails, I will use force, even Jesus used force I church when people joked with the Word," Babu affirmed.

    The vocal legislator further admitted that he was ready to taint his name for the sake of his people.

    Babu who has been known for his foul utterances also joked that he had no name to protect especially since he had tainted it long ago.

    While addressing students and parents at the event, Babu also promised to support the best-performed KCSE students.

    "I'm going to give a full scholarship to five learners who will pass the KCSE exam, three will be for the top 3 and 2 for the most improved. I will also give bursaries to needy students," he promised.