Raila Junior's Remark That Has Rubbed Kenyans the Wrong Way

  • Raila Odinga Junior, on Monday, November 11, found himself on the receiving end after he made a remark that many Kenyans thought was in bad taste.

    Taking to his social media, the opposition leader's son expressed his displeasure on the numerous carwash businesses that sprouted in the leafy suburbs of Lavington Estate. 

    "At the risk of sounding unpopular I wish there was a bylaw that made it illegal to wash your car at the roadside in Lavington," he wrote on his Twitter as he tagged the Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati and Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko.

    Photo posted by Raila Junior on Monday, November 11 of two men washing a vehicle beside a road.

    Further, on Tuesday, November 11, he stated that the adherence of laws and policies applied to everyone.

    A section of Kenyans who saw Raila Juniors post were not to pleased by his remark.

    "If you knew the level of joblessness out here you wouldn't comment like that. But in any case, you have never known what being jobless is. Those brothers are just trying to earn a living," Nick Odhiambo commented.

    "Says a son of a rich man. How will the poor survive in hard economic times? Capitalism at it's best," Hillary Kipronoh weighed in.

    "While the whole nation is angry at police brutality, here is a privileged kid angry at a guy washing a car to make a living," Mutichilo Mike criticised.

    "This is a boy who has never gone without food. He knows nothing about this world. This country is under state capture!," Abraham Khatera opined.

    "At least it's clean money bro," Joe stated.

    "A broke Kenyan just trying to make a living!" Denzin cited.

    "I like that you said this, unfortunately, the politicians you tagged are the ones abetting the pictured car wash together with the on slightly up the road from the pictured one. A simple talk with the car wash boys & they’ll tell you who exactly protects them," Chero observed.

    Raila Junior during a 2018 interview.