9 Inventive Ways to Use Blue Band - Besides Spreading!

  • Cooking is an art - at least that's what every culinary enthusiast will caption a photo of their carefully - prepared meal on their Instagram profiles.

    Such pictures can be an inspiration to experiment with new recipes and ingredients - to prepare a meal a little different with hopefully better results.

    We all have our hacks such as a pinch of pepper, a dash of cinnamon or a few drops of tamarind juice to give certain foods a distinct taste.

    One of the most common hacks is adding Blue Band to food to make them tastier.


    I learnt that the blue band wasn't only for spreading on bread when I visited a relative's house in my teenage years and sneaked to the kitchen to see how they were making the ugali. 

    At first, I was surprised by the spoonful of Blue Band being added to the boiling water, the end product was different and wonderful. From then on, Ugali has never been the same.

    Of course, there are some meals that blue band makes tastier, for example, githeri and porridge - just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

    Don't even get me started on toasting bread, the richness the blue band adds while enhancing the flavours is surreal.

    You can use blue band while preparing mashed potatoes, mandazis and pancakes for that subtle kick. 

    You can also use blue band while baking different types of cakes, like coffee, banana, chocolate and even lemon cakes.

    Simple meals like rice and spaghetti can also be exciting with a spoonful of blue band while boiling.

    Have you tried making popcorn with Blue Band? if you haven't what are you waiting for?


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