Ambulance Involved in Fatal Accident [PHOTOS]

  • An ambulance was involved in a grisly road accident on Sunday, November 24.

    Citizen Digital reported that the ambulance knocked down a boda boda rider killing him instantly.

    The two automobiles collided head-on at Kambiti area along the Nairobi Nyeri Highway.

    The accident resulted in a huge traffic jam, forcing motorists to diverge at the Sagana Resort.

    The accident involving an ambulance and a boda boda on Sunday, November 24.

    Earlier in the day, another bodaboda operator was fatally injured after he was knocked down by a tour van at Makongeni area along the Thika-Garissa Highway

    In the same area, little girl of about 4 years was feared dead after she was knocked by a motorbike near Metro Petrol Station along Thika-Garissa Highway on a zebra crossing.

    At around midnight another accident was witnessed at Thika Super highway's outer ring road opposite Avenue park 1 estate approximately 200 meters from Fedha stage.

    Five other vehicles also crashed at Kahawa Sukari towards Thika, on the same highway.

    In the beginning, the accident reportedly involved only two vehicles. Three others rammed into the vehicles during an ongoing rescue operation.

    The casualties were rushed to the nearest hospital as motorists were urged to proceed with caution.

    The accident involving an ambulance and a boda boda rider who sat on the spot on Sunday, November 24.
    Traffic paralysed at Kambiti area after the accident involving an ambulance and a boda boda rider.
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