Undercover NMG Journalist Unmasks How Pastor Ng'ang'a Extorts His Followers

  • Neno Evangelislim minister, apostle James Ng'ang'a has hit the screens all for the wrong reasons. His foul speech and how he treats his congregants have especially elicited controversial remarks from the public with some going as far as court battles.

    A team of Daily Nation who attended the Sunday service on November 24, sought to bring to light some of the happenings in his Haile Selassie church in Nairobi.

    The author of the piece, Celestine Olilo specifically exposed how Ng'ang'a decides just how much his faithfuls will offer to the Lord.

    Nation Centre in Nairobi. Nation Media Group journalists exposed the happenings of Pastor Ng'ang'a's church on Sunday, November 24.

    “Last Sunday niliwaambia muje na elfu moja. Leo nataka kuona ni wangapi wamefanya hivyo. Watu hapa wanataka kuwa matajiri na hawawezi kuletea pastor elfu moja. Ngoja tutaona,” Nganga challenged as he prepared them for the offertory session.

    (Last Sunday I asked you to come with Ksh1,000. Today I want to see how many have done so. Some of you want to become rich but can’t spare Ksh1,000 to give to the pastor.)

    According to the publication, no one is allowed to leave the service until it comes to a close. More especially, the offertory session that takes about an hour.

    During this session, ushers sharply dressed in matching outfits, all-female, go round with big bags collecting the offerings.

    They allegedly lingered on until you offered something. Of special interest, however, is the fact that coins are not allowed.

    On learning this, the undercover journalists gave Ksh 50 and what followed was surprising.

    "If you give a Ksh50 note, as we did, the usher stoops down and whispered, “God is watching you. You are stealing from the Lord,” Daily Nation wrote.

    At 5: 30 pm, the deliverance session begins. This is where those who are demon-possessed are exorcised.

    This particular session is not new to most views as it has been the source of some of the controversies surrounding Ng'ang'a.

    However, the exorcism comes at a cost of a clean Ksh 3,500.

    "As we prepared to get into this session, we were informed that it would cost us Ksh3,500 to have him pray over us. Those that could not raise that amount were asked to give whatever they had and then come the following Sunday with the balance," the publication read.

    In that particular session, those who had paid were led to the front and lined up along the altar barefoot as Ng’ang’a laid hands on them, asking the devil in them to come out or to say his name.

    Recording such sessions was however prohibited and in the case that one tried to do so, like the NMG journalists, an usher quickly asked them to wait for the official videos from the church's office.