Rogue Motorist Pays Heavy Price After Public Outcry [VIDEO]

  • The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has taken action on a rogue driver after a video of his dangerous driving was brought to light by a concerned motorist.
    In a Twitter statement posted on Wednesday, December 4, NTSA announced that it had summoned the driver to its offices and taken due measures to punish him for endangering road users' lives.
    "The driver appeared before the authority today. Following this, his Class A endorsement and driving licence have been suspended. He will be required to undergo a driver retest to confirm his competencies. The sacco has also suspended him for 3 months. We thank the public for speaking out," NTSA announced.
    Traffic in the Nairobi streets.
    The video that landed the matatu driver in trouble had been captured by a dashcam from another car, showing the PSV operator dangerously overtaking and almost causing an accident.
    The motorist then sent the recording to NTSA, together with the registration number and the sacco that the matatu was registered to and called for action to be taken before any loss of life.
    NTSA acknowledged the receipt of the video on December 3, and promised to take the necessary action on the driver.
    "We are in receipt of this report, we will take appropriate action and revert. We urge the public to always report such rogue motorists," NTSA announced.
    The video had generated backlash, with many of those reacting blaming the passengers for staying silent while the driver cruised at such a dangerous speed.
    "Why are the passengers like sitting ducks and not making noise?" Mustafa wondered.
    "One thing I would not be sorry to say is, Kenyans should just have kept to walking. This driving thing is so alien to us that it seems it will probably take another century before the first Kenyan is allowed to drive or get anywhere near a car," Andrew Kabena weighed in.
    Reactions to the Matatu driver's dangerous theatrics on December 3, 2019.
    Reactions to the Matatu driver's dangerous theatrics on December 3, 2019.