Ruto Refuses to Pay in Weston Hotel Battle

  • Weston Hotel, which is associated with Deputy President William Ruto, has stated that it would be unfair to compensate Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) for the property.

    In court documents seen by The Standard, the hotel, through Director Michael Nzile, stated that it was aggrieved by NLC's order to compensate KCAA for the 0.773ha parcel.

    "The second respondent (Weston Hotel) deems this determination as absurd given that the first respondent (National Land Commission) made a finding that the second respondent is a bona fide purchaser of the land.

    “The second respondent completed payment of the purchase price long ago and thus should not be paying this compensation. Further, if the second respondent is to pay the petitioner (KCAA), such payment would amount to double compensation," read an excerpt of court documents filed by Ahmednassir Abdikadir advocates.

    Weston hotel along Lang'ata road. It is associated with Deputy President William Ruto

    The hotel further stated that it had done its due diligence on establishing that the title issued to them was authentic.

    On the other hand, KCAA, through its lawyers Rarieda MP Otiende Amollo and Stephen Ligunya, stated that it did not want compensation in monetary form but wanted the lands back.

    “The first respondent’s (NLC) determination further is irrational and irregular as no party pleaded for compensation. The final order also fails to account for the fixtures on the land, making the order ambiguous and absurd and incapable of implementation,” wrote KCAA.

    Further, the aviation authority cited that NLC's decision that Weston Hotel compensates it was a bad precedent that wrongfully elevated land grabbing by private entities.

    KCAA Director General Gilbert Kibe stated that the property where Weston Hotel sits on was public land and was intended for use by the Directorate of Civil Aviation (DCA).

    Weston Hotel Director Nzile stated that the establishment was innocent as it was a third-party buyer.

    "The petitioner (KCAA) deliberately sensationalized the above finding by omitting from its petition that the second respondent was found to be an innocent purchaser,” he alleged.

    Deputy President William Ruto