Bitange Ndemo Hilariously Explains His Failures in Dating [VIDEO]

  • Former ICT PS Bitange Ndemo shared his dating struggles while growing up. In what turned out to be a hilarious yet relatable narration, the University of Nairobi associate professor revealed that his journey to finding a wife was one that didn't have a few mishaps.

    From an early age, Dr Ndemo admitted that he didn't have much guidance when it came to courting women.  He was living in the rural area of Kisii where his brothers became his advisers  on matters 

    Speaking on the inspirational talk, Engage, the academician stated that upon asking his siblings for advice they would tell him, "the easiest way was by applying the sap an aloe vera plant and that if I shake hands of any girl I wanted, she would follow me."

    He followed their instructions but that did not work. He later learnt that the tip was a way of getting the younger lads to build confidence to look for young ladies.


    He later moved to Nairobi from Kisii where he continued on his quest to get a wife. He explained that he got a can of cologne and sprayed himself so that he could attract a girl he liked in church.

    During the service, he was able to squeeze himself in the pew next to the girl. Unfortunately, that didn't work either as she did not pay any attention to him.

    His antics did not end there as he tried to impress another girl he liked. When he noticed a girl he wanted at Kenya Cinema, he borrowed a friend a motorbike. and when she approached he asked her if she wanted a ride. 

    "She said no," he rode off on to the Kencom bus stop where he pulled a stunt to impress the lady once more.

    But his moment to impress would take a turn for the worse when he fired up the motorbike, lifted the front wheel, but it refused to come down and he rode right through a bank that was situated on the street.

    "The girl I wanted was standing and laughing at him. I was taken to hospital for treatment," he stated.

    With all the unsuccessful attempts at getting girls, Bitange's fortunes turned when he went to see an elder brother who's a lecturer at the Unversity of Nairobi’s School of Medicine. 

    While he waited at the cafeteria, he met his future wife who was amused by his antics. They have been married for almost 30 years.

    Here is the full video of Bitange Ndemo's narration: