Outrage over Ksh0.5 Million Spent on Fake DP Appointment

  • Over 200 residents in Nyara area of Isiolo County are counting their losses after they were swindled a sum of Ksh2,300 each on what they believed to have been a special trip to Nairobi to see the Deputy President, William Ruto.

    According to a report published by the Daily Nation, the residents had arisen as early as 5 a.m. on Tuesday, December 31, morning to board a bus to Nairobi to see who they were promised to be Ruto before they discovered 6 hours later that it was not meant to be.

    The residents who identified two men as the perpetrators, one named Peter Mwangi, claimed the two had instructed them to contribute Ksh1,100 towards the purchase of T-shirts with a Ruto-tagged support message and an additional Ksh1,200 for transport expenses from Isiolo to Nairobi.

    Slome Kinya , among the 200 residents conned 2,300 shillings to meet the Deputy President. On December 30, 2019

    One resident identified as Salome Kinya told reporters she had been looking forward to the trip so much that she had abandoned her children in the house waiting for the Nairobi-bound vehicles alongside others.

    ''We woke up at about 5 a.m., we even left the children alone at home. It is now 10 a.m., we have not taken tea and there is no sign the buses we were told would pick us will come.''

    Another resident who identified himself as David Muthamia also expressed his disappointment while pleading with the authorities to nab the suspects who had robbed them of their hard-earned cash.

    A group of 200 residents conned 2,300 shillings to meet the Deputy President. On December 30, 2019

    "We were very surprised when we came here in the morning. There were no T-shirts as promised and no trip at all. I do not know whether the DP was involved in the whole plan but we are appealing for his help to nab the thieves.''

    The police in Isiolo urged residents to be on their guard against such con artists while commencing investigations into the incident. 

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