Sonko's Remark on Miguna Attracts Backlash

  • Nairobi Governor Mike¬†Sonko attracted backlash from a section of Kenyans on Wednesday evening, January 8, after he weighed in on lawyer Miguna Miguna's woes.

    Taking to his Facebook page, the governor, stated that his wish was to help the lawyer, who had been restrained from returning back to the Country.

    "I wish Sonko Rescue Team can rescue Miguna Miguna," Sonko stated.

    Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko leaves the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission offices in Nairobi on August 1, 2019.

    It is this remark by the governor that earned him backlash from his followers, most of whom wondered why the team had not rescued their own boss from his troubles.

    "You (the governor) have to be rescued first," Sherry stated.

    "Have they rescued you in the first place?" Hassan posed.

     "If it can't rescue you, how will it rescue someone else," Milder wondered.

    "Why could they not rescue you when you were crying like a one-day-old baby girl while being arrested," Austin Omollo weighed in.

    "By the time Uhuru Kenyatta deported Miguna Miguna, you were a close friend to Uhuru and core. That was the time to help this guy. Still, you can also call Uhuru directly as you did sometimes when houses were being demolished. The truth is, Miguna Miguna is a Kenyan by birth. Let them just okay court orders," Joseph Muyela commented.

    The Nairobi County boss is facing three charges including; corruption, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct for battling police officers when they arrested him on December 6.

    In a court ruling by Chief Magistrate Douglas Ogoti, Sonko was barred from accessing his office and commenting on the case on social media.

    The magistrate ruled that the governor would be escorted to his office by an investigating officer or any other authorized officer if he needed to visit.

    Below are more comments from Sonko's followers;