How MP's Daughter Helped Him Overcome Drug Addiction

  • Mvita MP Abdulswamad Nassir on Monday, January 10, gave an encouraging life story of how his young daughter helped him drop the use of drugs after constantly challenging him.

    In an interview with TV47, the parliamentarian indicated that for a long time he had struggled to drop the addiction until his daughter literally intervened.

    “I used to take not less than three packets of cigarettes per day. This slowly became a routine and I couldn’t get from it.

    “One day my daughter told me that my smoking means that I didn't even love them at all. She plainly denoted that I was smoking and drinking alcohol that would lead to my death leaving them in suffering. This was a statement that really challenged me,” remarked the MP.

    Mvita MP Abdulswamad Nassir during an event organised by Haki Africa in Mombasa on January 18.

    The parliamentarian went further to indicate that the challenge posed on him by his young daughter was not something to take lightly, where he went forward to ponder on the difficult idea of living a drug-free life.

    “I just imagined leaving my family without anyone to check on them. This triggered my thinking and without much time, I was fully out of smoking.

    “My daughter has been an important part of my life. I can say she has helped me in a lot of decisions,” added Abdulswamad.

    The parliamentarian who also worked as a former journalist explained that the daughter’s actions even led to him leaving the media industry where he had worked for a long time.

    “For a long time, I worked in various roles ranging from a DJ, presenter and also a media manager at Radio Rahma, Pulse Radio among other stations.

    “One day I came home where I found my daughter dancing to some very obscene songs. I got angry and just wondered where she would have been listening to such music.

    “The only reply I got is that the music is what I used to play at the radio as a Dj and presenter,” added Abdulswamad.

    Mvita MP Abdulswamad Nassir and other participants during a PWDs empowerment program launch in Mombasa in December 2019

    The former radio presenter also indicated that he was disappointed by the number of youth who got hooked to alcohol and cigarettes couretesy of deceptive campaigns. 

    "As a radio presenter, we used to prepare drinking sprees all over the Coast. Everyone would drink heavily and the following morning what would be left were people lying drunk all over.

    “I just decided to end my career abruptly,” remarked Abdulswamad.