Sarah Cohen Returns to Husband's Multi-Million Mansion

  • Sarah Cohen, the embattled widow of late Dutch billionaire Tob Cohen, on Monday, January 27, momentarily regained access to her late husband's multi-million mansion in Kitisuru, Nairobi.

    Cohen had earlier lamented that orders barring her from accessing the home were punitive and that she needed to collect her personal effects. She further added that she was spending a lot of money purchasing clothes when she had enough in her house.

    She was accompanied by detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), lawyers Cliff Ombeta and Danstan Omari.

    The two lawyers are representing the family of the late tycoon who was found brutally murdered inside a septic tank in his home.

    Sarah Wairimu Cohen with her lawyer Philip Murgor in court on September 6, 2019

    Speaking to the press during the exercise, Ombeta disclosed that they were following the escort closely and that Cohen could not be allowed to pick any other thing.

    "Nothing else…not even a knife…not even a spoon…not even salt…not even wine,” the lawyer told the press.

    Two of the officers who escorted her to the home were armed with cameras to record her activities in the house.

    A court order that allowed her to access the home also instructed that Sarah was to access the two rooms she occupied at the home and not wander into any other room.

    Wairimu was arrested on August 28, 2019, following the disappearance of her husband Tob Cohen on July 19, 2019. 

    She was subsequently charged with murder after Cohen's body was found in an underground water tank at their Kitisuru home.

    Wairimu pleaded not guilty to all charges preferred against her.