Maria Actor Luwi's Side Hustle That Has Served MPs

  • One striking character that hits you when you tune to Citizen TV's hit show, Maria, is the sharp-dressing of the show's most sought-after boyfriend, Sir Luwi Hausa, (played by Brian Ogana).

    The impeccable suits might be provided for by the show's styling department but, as learned in an exclusive interview with the star, the style comes from Ogana's love for garments.

    Perched on Imenti House in Nairobi is an apparel business that the star launched in 2015 which has served influential people including Members of Parliament and highly acclaimed musicians.

    Brian Ogana and Bridget Shighadi on a poster for Maria that airs on Citizen TV from Monday to Friday at 7:30 p.m.

    "On the side, I have a sartorial business. This entails a service in which a client comes with their cloth material of choice, gives us their specifications and we knit a suit or cloth of their choice.

    "I can't mention names but I have dressed a lot of people, Members of Parliament, gospel singers among others," explained the star.

    Like any other businessman in Nairobi, Ogana was coy to disclose both the amount he pours into the business or makes from it, but assured that it was a tidy sum.

    "I make a substantial amount. I make enough that I can be able to go home and enjoy life," he continued.

    He made sure to join a trade that he is passionate about because, as he disclosed, he is so hands-on when it comes day-to-day running of the sartorial business.

    He has a female business partner with whom they kickstarted the business but he takes care of the creative side of things which involves coming up with concepts and developing it on paper.

    "I have a partner. I do the design. I come up with the concept and put it on paper before executing it.

    "I also employ a couple of people and I only go to the office on Saturday and Sunday. I have seven employees, a delivery guy, marketer and tailors," he pointed out.

    It was at that point that I grew curious about where he got the inspiration to start such a business that remains strong in this turbulent economic environment, where conglomerates are downsizing or outrightly closing their doors.

    "I got my inspiration from my mum. She challenged me into observing the details and actually she is the drive that ensured I pushed myself to get the part in Maria," he stated.

    He is now looking to expand the business outside the Imenti House base spread it across the country.

    Imenti House in Nairobi CBD where Brian Ogana's Sartorial business is located.