Khalwale's New Offer to Gideon Moi

After the symbolic installation of Baringo Senator Gideon Moi as the political kingpin for the Moi’s family, reactions continue to flow in.

Former Kakamega senator Boni Khalwale on Thursday, February 13 indicated that he was ready to teach Gideon how politics are run in the country.

In an interview on K24 TV on Thursday, February 13, Khalwale further stated that Gideon had a long way to go before getting into terms with how to prosper in active politics in the country.

Gideon Moi (l) examines his late father's rungu which was handed to him by his brother Raymond Moi (r).

“Gideon Moi has to come to our level now and ask us how we do politics, he has some learning to do now that his father is no longer here.

“For long he has relied on the father but he must now learn how to hit the ground. We are there to teach him,” remarked Khalwale.

Khalwale also urged Kenyans to embrace Gideon and other members of the Moi family. However, he stated that they should be ready to do politics in a new independent way.

“We should forgive Gideon Moi and the entire family,” remarked Khalwale.

The former senator also called for a new strategy in familiarising the Building Bridges Initiative including bringing to an end the BBI rallies that have been going on in different parts of the country.

The former senator also stated that it was essential for experts to go back to the public and get the views of the people while allowing them to further read the document.

On Wednesday, February 12, Gideon assumed the political leadership of the Moi family after the symbolic handing over of his late father's rungu to him.

Addressing the thousands who had gathered to bid their final farewell to the late president Moi, his elder brother Raymond handed out the father’s symbol of authority to Gideon who is the lastborn in the family of eight.

"In terms of seniority and so forth, I am the leader of this family but in terms of politics, let me ask Gideon to come over," he announced when it was time to pass the late president's famous rungu.

Baringo Senator Gideon Moi shakes hands with Raila Junior Odinga at Parliament buildings on Monday, February 10

The late president Moi used to carry the popular rungu in all events, only leaving it behind when he went to church.

The orders to leave the political mantle of leadership was reportedly from the late president who introduced Gideon to politics and saw him through his first win in Baringo county.

Gideon is also the KANU party leader.