Armed Goons Raid Nairobi Liquor Store [VIDEO]

  • A man carrying a gun.
    A man carrying a gun.
  • Two armed robbers were captured on camera as they clumsily grappled with a safe at a Wines and Spirit store in Umoja 1 estate, Nairobi on June 26.

    The footage which surfaced on Monday, June 29, showed the entire incident which happened at around 8:46 p.m. and lasted well over 3 minutes.

    Just as the liquor store was about to close up for the day, two men can be seen walking in and locking the door behind them.

    One was donning a dark puff jacket with white & blue sleeves and dark pants while his accomplice, who was flaunting his handgun around, was in a black hoody and khaki pants.

    Seconds after walking in, the gun-wielding thug quickly ordered a middle-aged man, who appeared to have been making a purchase, to the back end of the counter through a tiny door at the bottom right end where he was forced to crawl through.

    The patron and two attendants who were on the back end of the counter were all ordered to lie on the floor as the robbers tried to access the safe.

    Minutes ebbed away as they struggled to pry open the safe with little success. At some point, both tried to pull the drawer in unison but it simply stayed shut. 

    It was at this point that the gangster with a gun to one of the shop attendants (a woman) quickly crawled towards the safe and seconds later the thugs finally gained access and started pocketing wads of cash.

    They exited as swiftly as they came in, leaving the three hostages visibly shaken.

    None of the thugs paid any attention to the CCTV cameras that captured their unmasked faces for the entirety of the robbery.

    Instances of armed robbery have been on the rise in Kenya's capital, with the latest incident coming just days after 2 suspects committed a daring daylight robbery along Lenana Road, Kilimani.

    On Monday, June 29, the two were apprehended alongside 2 other suspected gang members by the police, who used CCTV footage of the robbery to track them down.

    The suspects were identified as, Timothy Jahan Muzami alias ‘Timo’ captured on camera hitting the victim with a firearm on the forehead, Humphrey Minyata alias 'Daddy' captured on camera pointing the victim with a sharp knife, Mary Wambui who was harbouring the suspects in Pangani and Ali Musa alias ‘Ally’ who was arrested during the operation and believed to be an associate of the gang.

    The four, according to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI), were arrested at their hideouts in Kawangware, Gatina and Pangani.

    Snip shot of CCTV footage of a robbery which occurred at Dagoretti Corner, Wanye Road on Wednesday, March 11, 2020.
    Snip shot of CCTV footage of a robbery which occurred at Dagoretti Corner, Wanye Road on Wednesday, March 11, 2020.