Offerings, Electronics Stolen as Thugs Raid Narok Church [VIDEO]

  • File image of church offering baskets
    File image of church offering baskets
  • Congregants and officials of St Peter's Catholic Parish in Narok County woke up to shocking news on Sunday, July 5, after a gang stormed the church on Saturday night and made away with valuables including offerings, tithes and electronics.

    A security guard stationed at the church is currently recuperating in hospital after the thugs attacked him with a machete.

    He was left with deep cuts to his face and back before the thugs proceeded to force open the church doors, breaking padlocks that were found strewn on the floor the next day.

    They forced open collection boxes to steal tithes and offerings, and unhinged television screens mounted across the church to enable congregants to follow services.

    They also made away with other electronic equipment including speakers used during church services.

    Police who arrived at the scene on the morning of July 5, promised speedy investigations to get to the bottom of the incident.

    A chairman of one of the church committees, Martin Orega, called for security to be beefed up in the area, particularly during the Covid-19 period.

    "We are very sad about what happened here today. They have broken in, destroyed our things and also injured our security guard.

    "We would want the government to direct the police to step up patrols in this area, especially at night because of the curfew.

    "As church members, would also want those who are responsible for this act to be arrested and brought to book. At the moment, police are still looking around the church to assess the situation," he stated.

    Orega revealed that one of the pastors at the church rushed the security guard to Narok County Referral Hospital as soon as he was made aware of the incident.

    Another church member who spoke to reporters stated that the thugs capitalised on the absence of congregants due to Covid-19 regulations.

    "They broke the collection boxes because right now we are not going to church. They took the money and ran.

    "The watchman was taken to the hospital where he was to be scanned. We don't know much because he is slowly regaining consciousness," she stated.

    A section of St Peter's Parish in Narok County
    A section of St Peter's Parish in Narok County