Ex-Convict Killed After Attempting to Stab Police

  • A file image of gun and bullets
    A file image of gun and bullets
  • An ex-convict was on Wednesday, September 30, shot and killed after attempting to stab police officers days after being released from prison.

    The knife wielding thug, Fadhili Muhidin, had been accused of committing a robbery in Lamu and leaving with money belonging to a local businessman.

    The police responded swiftly to the incident, but Muhidin managed to escape sparking an intense manhunt.

    The man was said to have dived into the Indian Ocean and swam for a kilometer before hiding in the mangrove island where he was found and shot dead.

    Hands resting on jail bars at a police station.
    Hands resting on jail bars at a police station.

    "He ran to the seafront in Lamu and jumped into the Indian ocean. He managed to swim for a kilometer into the mangrove island.

    "The officers, using a motorboat, gave a chase and a frantic search ensued for over one hour before he was found and cornered," read a police report in part.

    The man was found with a knife and a toy gun.

    Lamu County Commissioner Irungu Macharia confirmed the incident noting that the body of the suspect was taken to Lamu King Fahad County Hospital Mortuary.

    Reports previously indicated that ex-convicts struggle to fit in the society since they experience rejection and are treated with suspicion.

    That means that they struggle with finding jobs as employers also shun them and are highly likely to return to the life of crime.

    The country has also recorded an increase in crime in the six months since Covid-19 pandemic hit the country leading to loss of jobs for approximately 5 million people.

    In Lamu, police killed another suspect while in his homestead on suspicion that two members of a gang were  hiding there.

    A Police Station in Lamu county
    A Police Station in Mombasa County
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