School Suspends Class 8 Exams After Toilet Caves In [VIDEO]

  • Students pictured during a lesson.
    Students pictured during a lesson.
  • A primary school in Kakamega County was forced to postpone its exams after a toilet caved in burying people alive.

    A video seen by on Tuesday, October 27, showed distraught residents in mourning after one person died from the incident in the unidentified institution.

    The team was digging the toilet at the institution when it suddenly caved in, burying alive two workers. 

    A teacher at the institution noted that the deceased was a hardworking individual whose life was cut short by the tragedy.

    A sewage tank
    A sewage tank

    "The deceased joined them. When I visited the site this morning, I found him lively as he oversaw his colleagues carry on with their work.

    "He was hardworking because he did his work fast. While I was doing my work, the PTA chair called me and informed me of an urgent crisis," stated the teacher.

    "Grade four and class eight are supposed to be carrying on with their examinations today but we have suspended it because of this emergency," he added.

    A worker who witnessed the incident disclosed that five farmhands were present. The three who were above ground escaped the collapse while one of the two people inside the pit was rescued. 

    "We were in the middle of the job when the ground abruptly cracked. There were two people inside the ditch and three were above ground. 

    "One of them was rescued because he was buried halfway. The other one was completely buried," he narrated.

    Police officers from the county were immediately deployed to the area where they aided in the exhumation of the body of the deceased.

    An assessment of class eight and grade four pupils is ongoing in primary schools to assess their education level after an eight-month hiatus due to Covid-19 pandemic.

    Below is the video: