Larry Madowo's Proud Kenyan Moment as Millions Watch US Results

  • BBC journalist Larry Madowo has been on the frontline on keeping viewers of the global channel abreast of the US elections. 

    While covering the polls progress in Atlanta City, Georgia,  which is one of the battleground states where the votes are too close to call, Madowo grabbed the attention of the viewers with his choice to don a face mask with the flag of Kenya.

    The election count in the state of Georgia is closely watched by millions from around the world, as it holds a vital role in determining the next President of the United States. Democratic Candidate Joe Biden currently holds a 7,278 lead in the battle for the state's 16 electoral votes. 

    "You have quite the collection of masks! Love it!" his colleague, BBC News South Asia correspondent Rajini Vaidyanathan noted.

    BBC jopurnalist Larry Madowo reporting in Atlanta Gergia on November 6, 2020.
    BBC journalist Larry Madowo reporting in Atlanta Georgia on November 6, 2020.

    Kenyans also praised the anchor for showcasing his Kenyan pride as millions of American voters tuned in to get updates on the election results. 

    "You are representing! I love watching you breaking down that chaos by the way," Clint Macharia stated.

    "The world must know that we have the best journalists in Kenya and we are very proud of Larry Madowo," Dixon Randoga added.

    In an earlier report, he appeared on TV with a facemask with a kitenge material which also caught the attention of the viewers.

    Madowo also had an unscripted moment when during his live report, a campaign bus belonging to President Donald Trump hooted interrupting his report.

    He, however, laughed it off and completed his segment.

    BBC journalist Larry Madowo
    BBC journalist Larry Madowo reporting from Atlanta Georgia.

    The race for the US presidency is still not over yet with key states expected to hold the key votes that will determine the winner of the election - Georgia County being one of them.

    With 16 electoral votes, the state which has been leaning towards the republican side might see a shift as Democratic nominee Joe Biden inched ahead of President Donald Trump.

    The race is, however, too close to call, and votes were still being counted.

    "Georgia announces that there will be a recount in the presidential election. Secretary of State also says they have not seen any widespread irregularities but they’re investigating all claims," Madowo reported on Friday, November 6.

    Watch the video of Larry Madowo's report below: