Gov Joho Leads Night Raid on Mombasa Bars [VIDEO]

  • A police officer carrying out a security operation.
    A police officer carrying out a security operation.
  • Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho joined officers from the National Police Service (NPS) in a night raid on bars flouting Covid-19 containment measures.

    A footage of the November 8 night raid has since emerged showing the governor wielding a plastic pipe, combing through the bar and aiding the police in rounding up the merry-makers.

    Speaking to, a correspondent from Mombasa revealed that 10 bars were closed during the operation, 236 individuals arrested for breaking curfew and 339 others also picked up for not wearing face masks.

    Some fled on foot and could be seen jumping over balconies and into the darkness, with Joho's team in hot pursuit.

    Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho stopping a vehicle during a night raid on November 8, 2020.
    Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho stopping a vehicle during a night raid on November 8, 2020.

    However, those who attempted to escape using their vehicles weren't as lucky as Joho and his team had covered all the exits.

    The governor can be seen blocking a white station-wagon and tapping on its hood to force the driver to slam on the brakes.

    He then ordered the drivers out of their vehicles before ushering them into a police truck parked across one of the exit roads.

    The raid was in line with the new directive to enforce adherence to Covid-19 preventive measures at all costs.

    Following the Sixth Extraordinary Session of the National and County governments Summit held on November 4, President Uhuru Kenyatta directed the County governments to do more to stop the second wave of the pandemic.

    "To enforce compliance at both the National and County level, I direct that the Ministry of Interior constitutes a Special Enforcement Unit made up of the National Police Service, National Government Administration Officers and supplemented by the County Government inspectorate units to jointly enforce compliance to Covid-19 Protocols," President Uhuru's Speech read in part.

    Inspector General of Police Hilary Mutyambai, on November 5, read out some of the new strategies that his officers would deploy to ensure adherence to the containment measures.

    Anyone found in breach of the public health measures will face an instant cash fine of Ksh20,000 while those arrested while driving beyond the 10 p.m. curfew will have their licences cancelled.

    Since then, the police have been conducting night raids across the country, in a bid to turn the tide against the rapid spread of the deadly virus.

    The number of Covid-19 infections have surged by 622% from 7,900 on July 7, when President Kenyatta announced a phased reopening of the economy to announcement of new restrictions. 

    During the time, deaths climbed by over 549%, with the total number of people who have succumbed to the virus currently at 1,103.

    Watch Governor Joho's night raid below:

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