36 Hospitalised After Drinking Contaminated Milk

  • File image of people milking dairy cows.
    File image of people milking dairy cows.
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  • At least 36 people were hospitalised on Thursday, November 26 at Kopsiro Model Health Centre in Mt Elgon, Bungoma County, after consuming contaminated milk.

    The 36 are alleged to have taken fermented milk locally known as Mursik on Wednesday evening, November 25 with more still being admitted to the hospital.

    Chongeywo location chief Eliud Kiptaalam urged residents who had consumed the same milk to undergo check-up at local health facilities.

    A person grazing livestock
    A person grazing livestock

    "The residents bought milk from their regular distributor, little did they understand that it might have gone bad, they later drunk it and developed diarrhoea.

    "I'm calling upon residents who might have also taken the same milk to seek medical attention even if they were not affected, it is just good to get checked up," Kiptaalam told Horizon News.

    A clinical officer at Kopsiro Sub County revealed that the residents were rushed to hospital in serious conditions but they have now stabilised their condition.

    According to reports, one of the 36 people is in critical condition with the milk vendor and daughter also hospitalised.

    The country has reported a number of food poisoning incidents with KEBS Managing Director Bernard Njiraini’s technical adviser Martin Masibo disclosing back in August that Kenyans were consuming maize with high aflatoxin levels.

    This was associated with maize sold from schools after the academic calendar was halted by Education CS George Magoha over the Covid-19 pandemic. 

    In May a scandal surfaced after Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung'wa warned residents of a fake batch of donations branded with his name and Deputy President William Ruto's Foundation at Gikambura area.

    The William Ruto Foundation, however, released a statement distancing itself from the donations.

    An image of milk
    Milk being poured from a jar to a glass.