Anne Kiguta Quits K24 TV's Punchline

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    K24 TV anchor Anne Kiguta at Mediamax studios on September 4, 2019
  • News anchor and show host Anne Kiguta has quit K24 TV after two years.

    In a statement on Sunday, December 6, the anchor disclosed that she had exited the Punchline show after fundamental disagreement on the editorial processes.

    "Owing to fundamental disagreement on editorial processes and direction the show was being forced to take, I suspended my services as an independent contractor to the show on November 21, 2020. 

    "My decision was guided by the Code of Conduct contained in the Media Council of Kenya Act which guides all journalists practicing in the republic of Kenya," read the statement in part.

    Anne Kiguta (left) with Deputy President William Ruto at the DP's Karen, Nairobi home in July 2019
    Anne Kiguta (left) with Deputy President William Ruto at the DP's Karen, Nairobi home in July 2019
    K24 Digital

    "It is with regret that today I announce that I will not be returning to the programme," she added.

    She also thanked her viewers for standing with her throughout the period noting that she could no longer be part of the show in 'good conscience.'

    Kiguta last month openly expressed her discontent after bosses at the station reportedly cancelled  Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro interview at the last minute.

    In October, Kiguta had prepared to host Nyoro who is Deputy President William Ruto's ally on her Punchline Show, but the management's last-minute change of heart made it impossible.

    In her pubic apology, the anchor revealed that she disagreed with her bosses' decision, but maintained that they also reserved the right to dictate the direction of the station's content.

    "We at Punchline invited the fiery first time legislator Ndindi Nyoro on the programme. The Kiharu legislator, as you well know, is a staunch defender of Deputy President William Ruto who has cast his aspersions on the BBI process. That interview has been cancelled.

    "As the host of this programme, I have a responsibility to you the viewer and so I must state that this was not my decision and I respectfully disagree with it," stated Kiguta.

    The Media Council of Kenya stipulates that all journalists should present fair and balanced stories.

    "A person subject to this Act shall write a fair, accurate and an unbiased story on matters of public interest. All sides of the story shall be reported, wherever possible.

    "Comments shall be sought from anyone who is mentioned in an unfavourable context and evidence of such attempts to seek the comments shall be kept," reads the Act in part.

    Kiguta follows other media veterans such as Dennis Galava who exited Nation Media Group in a rather dramatic fashion.

    In an editorial piece, Galava addressed President Uhuru Kenyatta directly over how his government had responded to national crises in 2015.

    A few days after it ran, Galava was suspended because he hadn’t “followed the correct procedure” before publishing and his contract was terminated immediately in 2016.

    K24 Studios in Nairobi.
    K24 Studios in Nairobi.