Total Asks Kenyans to Return These Faulty Gas Cylinders

Total Gas Cylinders being sold in Nairobi in January 2020.

Total Kenya has issued a public safety warning to members of the public using some of their Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders. 

Following the consistent complaints from customers, the fuel retailer issued a notice saying that it was recalling the low-pressure LPG pipe batch number SCG/BS 3212:1991/1 Low-pressure LPG/8mm.mfd:03-2020/exp:03-2025 for failing the aging test. 

“In line with our safety commitment to customers and as a preventive measure, we are recalling the hose pipes sold at our service stations and our distributor outlets from 12/06/2020. The batch number can be found on the side of the hosepipe,” read the notification.

Image of a person tightening pressure regulator on a gas cylinder

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS), on February 10, announced that it had approved new standards of petroleum and LPG products in the country.

The 10 standard pointers outlined the safe use, storage, transportation, and disposal of the gas cylinders.

“Petroleum and LPG products are highly flammable and therefore they need to store, transport, and dispose of them in a safe manner. The new standards aim to safeguard consumers throughout the LPG and other petroleum products supply chain,” said KEBS Managing Director, Bernard Njiraini.

The standards provided conditions for LPG mountable burners and cylinder grills on the 3kg and 6kg LPG domestic cylinders, in addition to providing information on safe disposal of cylinders found not fit for use.

KEBS also took to account the transportation modes, storage, and distribution, codes of practice for LPG, and requirements for road tankers used to transport flammable liquids.

A total of 44 incidents involving LPG and Petroleum tankers rollover and spillages and LPG cylinders have been recorded in the past year.

“It is therefore expected that these standards will address the problem of fire disasters due to accidents involving LPG and other petroleum products (due to) road tankers overturning on transit and cylinder explosions,” Njiraini further stated.

If not handled properly gas cylinders pose the risk of an explosion.

File Image of the fire in Mombasa Town on Friday, 5 2021
File Image of the fire in Mombasa Town on Friday, 5 2021
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