Murgor Hits Back at Family Members During CJ Interview

Senior Counsel Philip Murgor
Senior Counsel Philip Murgor

Former DPP Philip Murgor has hit back at some of his family members who were opposed to his candidature as Chief Justice on the grounds that Murgor had pitted relatives against each in an on-going land tussle.

Murgor countered the claims by stating that his cousins had mentally and emotionally tormented one of the widows to death.

He added that his male relatives were trying to disinherit their female kin from their late father's property, led by the eldest son, a member of parliament, who disinherited their 15 sisters and 5 widows.

Senior Counsel Philip Murgor during the interviews for CJ on Friday, April 16, 2021.
Senior Counsel Philip Murgor during the interviews for CJ position on Friday, April 16, 2021.

Following the petition, Murgor denied having bullied his cousins out of their family property and further stated that no one else wanted to hear their case due to the intimidating nature of the brothers.

Mugor insisted that he was only trying to fight for justice for his 'sisters' as they were living from hand to mouth and without property.

"I always take a position when it comes to people who bully, and people who deprive others what is theirs. What makes it impossible for somebody other than myself else to represent them is because they found it impossible to find an advocate because of the nature of their brothers," he stated.

He defended himself that he was only going above and beyond to ensure justice was done as the women had been insulted and bullied by their brothers.

In their petition, two of his cousins accused Murgor of trying to divide family members against each other contesting that he would not be qualified for the position of Chief Justice.

“We understand each individual is entitled to legal counsel of their choice. However, the four cases above demonstrated an individual out to break family units without cause other than to be sadistic,” read the cousins' petition.

The former DPP is representing Enid Murgor against other family members in the William Cherop Murgor succession case that has been in court since 2012.

“We are concerned he has not used his knowledge and qualifications in law to provide advice to members of the Murgor family but narrowly to pit siblings against siblings as demonstrated in the following four cases, ongoing and settled in court," added the petition.

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