How Jalang'o Radio Fans Became Trusted Servants at His Posh Home

  • From left; Morrison Litiema, Felix Odiwuor (Jalang'o) and Eli Omundu Khumundu
    From left; Morrison Litiema, Felix Odiwuor (Jalang'o) and Eli Omundu Khumundu
  • A rare occasion presented itself on Monday, July 12, when media personality Felix Odiwuor (Jalang'o) interviewed his ground managers on his Bonga na Jalas show on YouTube.

    The managers Eli Omundu Khumundu and Morrison Litiema, narrated that they had been Jalang'o's top fans and would occasionally visit him when he co-hosted the breakfast show with Alex Mwakideu on Milele FM.

    Armed with their shovels and overalls, the witty managers would wait at the gate until the duo finished their show and the media personalities would be gracious enough to drop them off in town.

     Eli Omundu Khumundu and Morrison Litiema pose for a photo
    Eli Omundu Khumundu and Morrison Litiema pose for a photo

    In September 2018, their big break came when they received a call from Jalang'o. He offered them an opportunity to work at his house as ground managers, an opportunity they describe as life-changing.

    "What surprised us the most on the first day was the food that we were given. At lunchtime, we were given ugali and some liver. It was a good feeling bearing in mind that we had been working at a place where we would be given boiled githeri on a daily," Litiema stated.

    The duo also spoke about the relationship between them and Jalang'o's wife Amina Chao. They stated that she was gracious enough and always made them feel at home in the expansive mansion. 

    Litiema added that Amina had paid a driving course for him while Omundu stated that she had once bought medicine for his child who was sick at the time.

    "She has been very supportive and is always willing to help in case I or Eli have a problem," he added.

     They often feature in their boss' advertisement deals and have managed to upgrade their lives and their families. Litiema was working as a mandazi cook while Eli was a caretaker in Kikuyu. 

    The two describe themselves as celebrity ground managers owing to the fact that they also create content on social media platforms.

    Asked how they manage to do both duties, they narrated that they have an 8-5pm job after which they are able to record their comic videos.

    Over the years, they have managed to accumulate followers on the platforms where they also entertain their guests.

    "We have very genuine followers. They like all our photos," Omundu stated.

    They have called upon companies to use them as brand ambassadors and help them influence their products.