KMTC Students Contribute To Enable Colleague Sit Final Exam


The Kenya Medical Training Center (KMTC) Murang'a campus students have come together to raise fees for their colleague to enable her to sit her final exam.

The students are targeting to raise Ksh116,000 for Salome Omutoko. She disclosed to them that her parents could not afford to raise money for her fees.

Omutuko's colleagues are hopeful to meet the target amount before she begins her final exams on Monday, August 16. If Omutuko misses out on the exam this year, she would have to wait another three years to register and sit for the next exam.

A Picture of a hand holding Kenyan notes.
A hand holding money Source: Facebook.

“It’s my prayer to be able to raise the required money and, eventually, be allowed to sit for my final exams,” Salome said.

The campaign began within the campus where they approached other students to donate whatever they could.

In addition, her close friends volunteered to take her around Murang'a Town and various offices to source funds from well wishers. 

"We have been studying together, and we felt obligated to help her raise the money so that she is not left out," one of her friends stated.

She also thanked members of the public for their generosity, adding that they have been very supportive. So far, they have managed to raise Ksh80,000.

Many students have been unable to raise fees for their university education amid the financial crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This comes against the backdrop of the Higher Educations Loans Board (HELB) reducing loan amounts it offers to students.

However, a new proposal by the Universities Funding Board (UFB) government will pay fees for students undertaking select degree courses. The framework is set to benefit students in both private and public institutions. 

University students during a past demonstration in front of the HELB offices at the anniversary Towers in Nairobi in 2018
University students during a past demonstration over Reduced Helb allocation in front of the HELB offices at the Anniversary Towers in Nairobi in 2018.
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