Detectives Gun Down Two Most Wanted City Gangsters

  • Firearm Recovered in the Past incident
    Firearm Recovered in the Past incident
  • Detectives have managed to gun down two of the most wanted gangsters in Nairobi's Embakasi estate and recovered a weapon on one of them.

    The officers drawn from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have recovered an Austrian-made Glock pistol and 29 live rounds of ammunition of 9mm calibre from two of the most wanted Nairobi gangsters.

    The joint mission operation was carried out on September 17, at 23:00 EAT in Embakasi and was undertaken by detectives drawn from specialized teams. 

    Kenya Police officers pictured outside a police station. A naked man stormed the Embakasi Police Station on Saturday night, June 13, 2020.
    Kenya Police officers pictured outside a police station.

    The multi-agency team included detectives from Nairobi’s Operation Branch and Crime Research(CRIB), the  Buru-Buru and Embakasi Police Divisions.   

    According to detectives, the thugs, who were initially three, were finalizing their plans for robberies around the estate when the detectives pounced on them. 

    This led to a heavy exchange of fire, leading to the demise of two of them, with the third one escaping with injuries to Mukuru-Kwa-Njenga slums.

    The police were determined to arrest him, but he managed to dive into an open human waste sewer and swim away.

    According to a statement released by DCI, the ballistic test results on the weapon recovered showed it was the same that was in a shooting incident involving a certain Monica Katee four days earlier, resulting in her death.

    The gangsters were linked to several robberies in Nairobi's Eastlands suburbs. Some residents were able to positively identify one of them.

    Their main aim has been to attack mobile money agents.

    According to World Data Atlas statics on the crime rate in Kenya, the robbery rate is 5.7 cases per 100,000 population as of 2018.

    Cases on robbery have seen detectives from different detachments join hands in combating crime in Nairobi Eastland areas.

    It is for this reason that the National Police Service compiled and made public a list of hotspot areas and their common robbery activities.

    Police officers at a kidnapping scene
    Police officers at a kidnapping scene
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