Watch as Nairobi Traffic Cop Repairs Dangerous Pothole

  • Nairobi Traffic Police
    Nairobi Traffic Police Repairing Dangerous Pothole On Riverside Road, Westlands, Nairobi County. : Twitter
  • A Nairobi traffic cop has been captured on video in a rare gesture of helping in filling a pothole while in the line of duty on Tuesday, September 22.

    With the help of a Chinese contractor, the traffic cop was seen repairing a dangerous pothole along Riverside Road - next to the Australian High Commission. 

    It has since been established through a source that the policeman had previously worked on two other potholes before he was captured working on the dangerous pothole.

    Undated Image
    Undated Image of Pothole On One Of The Streets Of Nairobi, City.
    The Star

    The video elicited different reactions from netizens - the majority of them mesmerized by the simple act of kindness.

    “I hope his colleagues would be like him and not always teething. That when you see a policeman, you expect trouble. Keep it up!” a commentator observed. 

    Frequent road users noted that the potholes were an absolute nightmare for them when heading to work or heading home.

    “Those potholes have been a nightmare for months,” a netizen shared her experience using the road. Potholes are known to cause tire and wheel damage once the vehicle hits them, with the extent of the damage being less severe or more severe.

    “Truly mtumishi kwa wote @IG_NPS. Salute to him,” another netizen appreciated.

    According to the National Task Force on Police Reforms of 2009, an excellent citizen-centred approach is called for to improve police agencies’ relationships with local communities.

    Community-based policing is a citizen-centred move, as it encourages partnership between the traffic police and motorist using the route.

    Thus enhance good working relationships with the community when instances of crime arise.