Lee Njiru: Why Working for Moi was Harder than Jomo Kenyatta

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    Former Presidents Jomo Kenyatta (left) and Daniel arap Moi (right) at an event in the 1970s
  • The late President Daniel Arap Moi's press secretary, Lee Njiru, has drawn comparisons between serving under the Moi administration and that of the founding president Jomo Kenyatta.

    Speaking to KBC on Saturday, October 9, Njiru affirmed that serving under Moi's regime was a hectic and strenuous process, which took away most of his time with family.

    He compared that time to serving in Jomo Kenyatta's administration, which he termed as a 'more relaxed' reign.

    Mzee Jomo Kenyatta with traditional dancers at the State House, Nakuru, in May 1976.

    “Kenyatta’s program was relaxed. It was not as hectic or crowded as that of Moi.

    "My schedule was hectic, took away my family time. But I built my wife a beautiful home in Lavington to show her the fruits of my labour and she was happy." he stated.

    Njiru added that he won Moi's heart during Kenyatta's regime in 1977 due to his loyalty to the first founding President. At the time, Moi was under pressure from key political figures who sought to quash his aspirations of ascending to power.

    "Moi somehow knew there was a new person working for Mzee Kenyatta who he could work with. So, he sent for me when he was Vice President," he stated.

    "He told me Njiru, I have been watching you and the way you have worked for Kenyatta, I am happy for you and I want you to help me." Njiru continued to share.

    This marked the beginning of 24 years of service under Moi who took over the helm of the Presidency in 1978.

    “I wish I was Moi’s biological son as people claim but I am not, although he brought me up. He mentored and protected me from people who wanted to destroy me,” he expressed.

    The late President's right-hand man has served as a civil servant for 46 years, out of which 43 were within the Presidency. 

    Njiru now runs an exotic resort in Nakuru as well as other businesses in the country after recently announcing his retirement from the civil service.

    An undated image of Lee Njiru
    An image of Lee Njiru, former press secretary to the late president, Daniel Moi.