Meet Daring Woman Threatening To Send Ndindi Nyoro Home Next Year

  • Ndindi Nyoro
    Image of Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro during a public participation exercise at Kiharu Technical & Vocational Training College on July 29, 2021.
    Ndindi Nyoro
  • A little-known scholar is seeking to unseat the Kiharu United Democratic Alliance (UDA) affiliated Member of Parliament Ndindi Nyoro. 

    Judy Makira is seeking to become Kiharu's first female legislator, an ambition that has set the stage for a fierce face-off with vibrant incumbent Ndindi Nyoro. 

    The Embu University lecturer who was born in Kahithe village, Murarandia in Muranga County will also battle it out with Karanja Mburu who is also eyeing the seat. 

    Judy Mukira
    An image of Judy Mukira posted on her social media platform in July 3, 2021.
    Judy Mukira

    Makira is a PhD holder in English language and currently lecturers at Embu University's faculty of Education.

    She is also the co-founder of the Centre for Women Empowerment in Technology (CWE-TECH) which seeks to empower girls and women in issues of sexual reproductive health rights, entrepreneurship, leadership, and managerial skills.

    The little-known scholar is also serving as the Vice-Chair of Muranga Municipal Board and is in charge of a Municipal Partnership Programme between Muranga Municipality and Upplands-Bro Municipality in Sweden. 

    Makira stated that she decided to challenge Ndindi Nyoro in the upcoming 2022 general elections after witnessing several leadership gaps within the constituency.  

    "I would like to become the first female Member of Parliament for Kiharu and bring the much-desired change in leadership,” she said.

    Makira has been popularizing her bid through different grassroot initiatives in a bid to unseat Nyoro using Mwangi Wa Iria's Usawa Kwa Wote party. 

    Despite being new to the political scene, the scholar stated that she is optimistic she will clinch the seat and implement her vision.

    She further urged women to step up and contest for political seats  insisting that they stand the same chance of emerging victorious as their male counterparts. 

    Judy Mukira
    An image of Judy Mukira during the 2021 Women Leadership Conference held in Nairobi on 27 August 2021.
    Judy Mukira