Story of 13-Yr-Old Kenyan Making Fortune as a Celebrity Chef

  • A collage of Alvine Keffa
    A collage of Alvine Keffa
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  • As a 13-year-old you are usually thinking about school, homework, or friends. However, the case is different for one Alvin Keffa who has shocked many with his topnotch culinary skills.

    What began as a hobby in his mother's kitchen has transformed into an unquenchable passion that has seen his entrepreneurial interests.

    While the school closure in March 2020 set back a good number of learners, the young skillful chef saw it as an opportunity to nurture his talent, especially with the fact that there was ample time to prepare whatever he wished to.

    His commitment to perfecting his skills has led him to subscribe to a strict daily routine that incorporates his schoolwork and his culinary skills.

    Image of Alvine Keffa on July 3
    Image of Alvine Keffa on July 3
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    In a media interview, Alvin intimated that he cooks for two hours and studies for four hours adding that he mostly cooks during the holidays.

    His mother stated in a media interview that Alvin began culinary art at the age of 7. She noted that he began by preparing light meals such as eggs before advancing his skills to baking cakes. His mother narrated that she contemplated the decision to allow him to cook out of fear that he will burn himself.

    However, after seeing how exemplary his skills were, she allowed him to pursue his interests and even hired a personal trainer who saw him through his culinary art classes.

    The young skillful and promising chef started his baking business during the quarantine period, where he made cupcakes, mandazis, and cookies and sold them to the neighbors. Over time, he began getting orders from different people. His dream is to open a large-scale bakery and employ thousands of people

    Speaking about his passion, he stated that he was happy cooking adding that it is the career he wanted to pursue.

    ''This is the career I want to pursue, I want to build my own hotels, and become a world-renowned chef.''

    The 13-year-old was honored at the Kitchen club challenge co-led by Nutritank and NNEDPro Global Centre for Nutrition And Health where he was the first African and Kenyan to win the challenge, making him Kenya's junior ambassador of Nnedpro.

    The award was an addition to his stellar records. In May 2021, he won an Africa Kids Awards under the content creator category.

    Alvine Keffa holding his award con May 23
    Alvine Keffa holding his award con May 23