Meet Kenyan Personal Shopper For Paul Pogba, Victoria Beckham

  • Collage of Dolly Mungai and Paul Pogba
    Collage of Dolly Mungai and Paul Pogba
  • For the last 13 years, Dolly Quinter Mungai, a London-based entrepreneur, has found her footing in the fashion world as a personal celebrity shopper whose work has been showcased at different occasions.

    Starting as a salesperson at Harrods, Dolly was familiar with the world of celebrity styling before she started working with celebrities, having built a reputation for herself in the fashion world with brands such as Gucci, Balenciaga among other big brands.

    What began as an unquenchable passion for fashion from a young age, has grown into a multi-million enterprise that has seen her style some of the world's most famous celebrities such as Manchester United's Paul Pogba and retired football legend David Beckham's wife, Victoria Beckham. 

    The hopeful entrepreneur works through sorting clothes and shoes for different personalities as well as finding celebrity clients for brands such as Gucci and Balenciaga. The venture has seen her travel to 53 countries delivering merchandise to her clients.

    File image of Dolly Mungai on January 24
    File image of Dolly Mungai on January 24
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    Despite being born with a reading disorder, the young hopeful narrated that her condition did not deter her from achieving her dreams, adding that her passion began from the young age of six, where she would find herself at the magazine section when shopping instead of the toys section.

    ''From the tender age of six, I have always had a passion for fashion. Every time we would go shopping, I would always end up at the magazine section instead of looking at toys as it was the norm for other kids my age,'' Dolly narrated.

    In an interview with KTN home, she narrated that what prodded her to start up a business was the amount of money she was making for the company she worked for.

    ''I worked in a fashion store called Harrods, it was the center of fashion where big brands like GUCCI, Prada, YSL and many others were located. However, seeing the money I was making for the company prompted me to start my own business as a personal shopper,'' she stated.

    Although being a dyslexic has come with its fair share of challenges for the entrepreneur, this has not dampened her spirit as she has always been determined to give the best to her clients.

    ''I minimize expectations, so I am always a step ahead and I made it clear on what I can do and what I cannot do. You would be surprised how many people value honesty and transparency,'' Dolly narrated.

    She attributes her success to her unflinching determination, passion for fashion as well as self-awareness that has come from learning about how to manage her condition.

    In the same interview, the hopeful stylist noted that she is keen to return to Kenya to help educationists cater to learners with Dyslexia.  

    File image of Dolly Mungai in London,January 15
    File image of Dolly Mungai in London, January 15
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