Missing Journalist Bogonko Bosire's Brother Takes Own Life in Despair

A file image of Bogonko Bosire who went missing in 2013 under mysterious circumstances.
A file image of Bogonko Bosire who went missing in 2013 under mysterious circumstances.

The family of Bogonko Bosire, controversial blogger who went missing in September 2013, has been dealt another blow after his brother took his own life during the weekend.

Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, Winnie Bosire, revealed that her younger brother - Joshua Bosire, committed suicide by taking poison on Sunday, January 16 at around 3:52am.

She detailed that on the fateful day, Joshua went home very drunk and informed his mother that he would die that very night. He later rushed to his room and ingested the poison.

Police officers at a kidnapping scene
DCI officers combing through a crime scene

"It was on Sunday at 3:52 am, he took poison out of depression. On the fateful day, he came home very drunk and told our mother that he is going to die. He went to his room and took poison and came out of the room, sipping from the bottle he was holding as mum was looking at him. He then collapsed suddenly," she recounted.

Recalling on the days leading to her brother's demise, Winnie pointed out that Joshua had exhibited signs of depression. However, efforts by the family to talk to him were in vain. 

The sister noted that Bogonko's disappearance had taken a toll on Joshua coupled with the parents' health conditions which has been deteriorating.  

"In days leading to his demise, he had been showing signs of depression. We talked to him but unfortunately he never took heed of our advice. "

"His depression was driven mainly by the events of his brother's disappearance as well as the illness of our parents. My father lost memory days after Bogonko's disappearance while my mother developed high blood pressure," she narrated.

Winnie noted that Kenyans of goodwill are welcome to aid the family in offering him a proper send off.

"Kenyans can support our family to help us in this unfortunate time (Joshua's burial/ medication for our parents). In my case, my husband passed away and I've been left with three children," she highlighted.

Winnie pointed out that they had not received any update regarding Bogonko's disappearance. 

Bogonko, the bold writer and owner of Jackal News, was renowned for his daring approach to stories that many of his peers shied away from. 

After the 2013 Westgate attack, his fans waited with bated breath for his daily banter. However, he went cold and reports later indicated that he had disappeared without trace.

Among his final posts on the site, Bogonko had dug deep into the private lives of powerful people within the country. A few days leading to his disappearance, he had expressed fears for his life. At the time, police noted that investigations were in top gear to track him down.

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An image of a police station in Kenya
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