Speaker Muturi Confirms Being Approached by UDA, Announces Way Forward

  • National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi
    National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi
  • National Assembly Speaker, Justin Muturi, revealed that he has been approached by Deputy President (DP) William Ruto's allies on several occasions, asking him to join the United Democratic Alliance (UDA). 

    On Thursday, January 20, Muturi explained that he has been adamant because UDA, formerly known as the Party of Development and Reforms (PDR), was amalgamated by the Jubilee coalition before the 2017 General Elections.

    Further, Muturi wondered how UDA wanted to compete with Jubilee yet it is one of the parties in the coalition. 

    National Assembly Speaker, Justin Muturi (centre) with a section of Elders from Muranga County during a cleansing ceremony in May 2021

    "I have been approached severally by some leaders to join the former PDR party now UDA claiming that it's a national party. Before the 2017 General Elections, we merged all our parties to form Jubilee. 

    "You ditched the party and formed your own party to compete with the President who is the party leader. Why should I join you and what's the difference between UDA and Jubilee? he posed.

    Muturi also asked leaders from other areas in Kenya to stop looking down upon Mt. Kenya leaders. He opined that the region is capable of producing a presidential candidate and not just a running mate.

    "People just think that Mt. Kenya can only produce a running mate, why are we despising ourselves like this? That our work is to beg other candidates to have us as their number two? Number two for who?

    "Surely, knowing the history of this country, the amount of sacrifice that people of Mt. Kenya has made for this country to be where it is. That is condescending," he retorted.

    Muturi officially launched his presidential bid on Saturday, July 3, 2021, in a meeting attended by clergy drawn from the Pentecostal churches in Embu County.

    "I'm very clear in my mind that with your support, with your prayers we will be able to clinch that top seat," Muturi stated.

    He further urged the clergy to consider him equal to other top politicians aiming to lead the country.

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