Thugs Rob Bank Ksh2.3M, Leave Behind Ksh1,000 Note

An image of Westside mall located in Nakuru county.
An image of Westside mall located in Nakuru county.

Drama unfolded in the afternoon of Wednesday, January 26, after five armed robbers staged a daring heist at a local bank located inside the popular Westside Mall in Nakuru County. The robbers made away with Ksh2.3 million in what has been described as a perfectly executed crime.

According to the bank's branch manager, Suraj Rawal, the robbers left the bank with only Ksh1,000 balance after the heist.

He informed police that the robbers, who approached the bank at around 4.30pm, were armed with guns, hammer, knives and a machete. 

Police officers patrolling in Nairobi

Further, a police report indicated that the robbers posed as clients and made their way into the banking hall before drawing their weapons. 

They then held all nine employees hostage before ransacking the bank counters and getting away with the funds.

"CCTV footage showed a security guard on duty opened the main door of the bank for the robbers. After entering the banking hall, they then commandeered the members of staff to the toilets and locked them inside before they ransacked the drawers and stole Ksh2.3 million," read part of the police report.

One teller was injured in the process and was later rushed to a nearby medical facility for fast aid. Apart from the Ksh1,000 note left behind by the robbers, detectives from Nakuru Central Police Station recovered a homemade gun, a hammer, and a mobile phone.

Police suspect that the heist was an inside job - claiming that a number of bank employees aided in the robbery. The officers are yet to make arrests as investigations continue. 

A number of banks have been at the centre of heists in the recent past. 

A local bank in Ag'awa, Kisumu County made headlines after four gunmen staged a heist that lasted for more than four hours. The heist raised suspicion as the gunmen escaped despite heavy police presence that had surrounded the premises. 

Police officers explained that the robbers disguised themselves as customers in a bid to flee the scene. 

"We have in our possession a man’s shirt. We suspect that the robbers had a change of clothes and left the banking hall during evacuation of distressed clients,” Nyanza Regional Commissioner, Magu Mutindika stated.

Officers outside a bank in Kisumu during the Tuesday, November 23, 2021 heist
Officers outside a bank in Kisumu during the Tuesday, November 23, 2021 heist
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