DCI Detectives Raid Own Office, Arrest Rogue Colleagues

  • Members of Kenyas Anti-Terror Police Unit pictured during a drill.
    A photo of a Kenyan police officer conducting a drill at a past training.
  • Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) arrested four of their colleagues attached to their offices in Langata. 

    In a statement, the DCI explained that the four rogue police officers were arrested by Serious Crimes sleuths on charges of robbery with violence. 

    According to the DCI, the four officers allegedly abducted a man at a mall along Mombasa Road on February 6 and forcefully demanded money from him. 

    Undated file image of two men in police handcuffs
    A file image of two men in police handcuffs

    The man had requested a taxi before he was accosted by the DCI officers and bundled into a waiting Subaru.

    "Whilst in the vehicle, the in-charge, forcefully transferred Ksh40,000 from the victim’s mobile money account to his. 

    "They then proceeded to the victim’s apartment where they took a further USD2,400, from him, before dumping him at Choma Zone located at Total Petrol Station along Mombasa Road, after a 2-hour ordeal," the DCI stated.

    After he was released by the rogue officers, the man went to Akira Police Station to make his report, only to find the vehicle he had been bundled into parked at the station.

    He rushed to the DCI headquarters along Kiambu Road and filed a report with the Serious Crimes Unit.

    "Investigations were launched immediately and the serious crimes detectives established that the vehicle indeed belonged to DCI Langata. 

    A man in handcuffs behind bars
    An image representation of a man in handcuffs behind bars

    "All the four officers who were involved in the criminal act have since been arrested and identified positively by the victim, in an identification parade conducted this evening at the DCI headquarters," the DCI stated.

    The four suspects are currently in custody, facing robbery with violence charges, contrary to Section 296 (2) of the Penal Code. The DCI condemned the behaviour of their colleagues and warned others against such actions.

    "Their actions are isolated indiscipline cases that do not represent our moral values and what we stand for. We are an investigative body that is responsive to the security needs and requirements of every Kenyan and such acts do not in any way define who we are," the sleuths indicated. 

    "Consequently, we caution any police officer/s found on the wrong side of the law, that stern and prompt action shall be taken against them, in strict fidelity to the law regardless of the service they are from," the statement added.

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