Pastors Can't Tell Dirty Money - Muheria Defends Church After Uhuru Attack

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta (left) and Nyeri Archbishop Anthony Muheria
    President Uhuru Kenyatta (left) and Nyeri Archbishop Anthony Muheria.
  • Nyeri Catholic Archbishop Anthony Muheria has defended the clergy over claims that churches had been actively accepting money from proceeds of crime.

    Speaking at the Consolata Cathedral in Nyeri on Wednesday, March 2, Muheria explained that it was not possible for pastors to differentiate clean money and that gotten through graft means.

    He further noted that it was the responsibility of the politicians and congregation to ensure that they do not forward dirty money into the churches.

    "When you say money is tainted and it is not tainted, it is really your opinion. I wish I had a pH paper that I can touch the money to find dirty money from good money. It is not the amount, it is about where it has come from and the intention.

    A stock photo of bishop Anthony Muheria.
    A stock photo of bishop Anthony Muheria.

    "If it is from bad sources, then it is your conscience. You should refrain, don't bring dirty money in the church, that is what we said. This is the stand of the church and I think it is what any reasonable person would look for. I ask that we refrain from graft. Let us not try to point fingers. Let us try to uproot the vice," stated Muheria.

    The Archbishop further urged the leaders to stop using the name of God and His word to advance their political agenda.

    He further challenged the clergy to ensure that they do not treat certain politicians as though they have been anointed by God.

    "We are asking all our leaders that they may not misuse the name of the lord and the scripture in tying to further their own personal gains. God is merciful and God is above all and loves all irregardless of your ideology or party you follow

    "We religious leaders, I invite us, we may avoid seeming to know who is the chosen one of God. We have not been whispered by God or his angels about who is the anointed one. We must be with all of them equally from the MCAs to the Presidential Candidates," he added.

    His sentiments come two weeks after President Uhuru Kenyatta slammed some leaders both in politics and in the church over graft money that makes its way into the church.

    In his speech during the Sagana 3 meeting on Wednesday, February 23, the Head of State condemned church leaders who were taking donations from politicians, what he termed as dirty money.

    Uhuru argued that church leaders have a special place in hell for accepting the proceeds of crime.

    “Some of church leaders have been compromised by huge donations donated by corrupt leaders, I want to say that you should know that it is wrong to lie through the bible and you are heading to Jahannam,” he said in an apparent reference to his deputy, William Ruto.

    The DP. in a rejoinder, told the Head of State to respect the church as it was a holy place.

    He further noted that he had immersed himself in religion and that it was the reason he was able to get to where he is and that he relies on the Word of God to get to where he is going.

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