How to Register, Deregister From a Political Party 

  • Over the years, a section of Kenyans have taken to social media to lament on what they termed as erroneous listing into political parties.

    Hundreds of thousand of Kenyans of voting age have found themselves registered as members of political parties without their knowledge or consent and in parties they are do not identify with or affiliate to.

    This has triggered a discussion on the security of personal data with most Kenyans seeking answers on how the political parties obtained their details including national Identification Card number and mobile phone numbers.

    With this growing concerns, the Office of the Register of Political Parties (ORPP) has moved in to address the erroneous registrations, giving Kenyans the opportunity to check their status, register and de-register as members of political parties.

    Here are ways you can check your party membership details, register or de-register from a political party using your phone;

    Registrar of Political Parties Anne Nderitu
    Registrar of Political Parties Anne Nderitu

    Option 1: *509#

    On March 2, ORPP launched an Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code through which Kenyans can check their party membership status or resign from a political party.

    Step 1: Dial *509#
    For first-time users, you will be required to register using your National Identification Number and provide the first name as it appears on your ID.

    Step2: Enter your ID number 
    Once registered, enter your ID number. You will then be given two options; Checking party membership and Deregistration from or Resignation to a party. 

    Choose the option or service you need and follow the procedure provided to either confirm your party membership or resignation.

    Option 2: eCitizen platform 
    Open a browser and visit the eCitizen website - www(dot)eCitizen(dot)go(dot)ke.

    Step 1:  Sign-in/Log into your account.

    For first-time users, you will be required to create an account with the eCitizen platform where you will be required to fill in your personal details.

    Step 2: Pick the Office of the Register of Political Parties portal 

    Step 3: Pick any of the three options depending on the service you need: Checking party membership, registration to a party, or resignation from a party.

    For registration, you will be required to fill in details of the party and your voter registration details such as the county where you vote. After verifying the information press okay.

    e-citizen platform
    A photo of the e-citizen platform