Chiloba Announces More Changes in Sim Card Registration

Communications Authority's Director General  Ezra Chiloba in his office on October 4, 2021.
Communications Authority's Director General Ezra Chiloba in his office on October 4, 2021.
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Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) Director-GeneralEzra Chiloba has issued a new set of rules to govern the ongoing registration of sim cards.

Speaking during an engagement with the media on Sunday, April 10, Chiloba noted that it was not a mandatory requirement for all mobile phone users to visit physical offices to validate their registration.

"All operators shall provide a self-verification USSD code and online platform with standardised menus and messages.

"The USSD Code that is *106# for verification. This means that subscribers do not have to present themselves physically and the operator's service centers physically unless it is necessary," stated Chiloba.

The Sim Cards fraud is a widely used tactic by Con gangs in Nairobi.
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He further indicated that it was not compulsory for individuals to present photos as long as they have provided personal details such as Identification cards or passports and birth certificates.

The DG clarified that the Ksh300,000 fine would only apply to those who fail to declare lines bought for use by their children.

"We must insist that this is not fresh registration but validation. A fresh registration exercise presumes to declare the existing registration null and void.

"This is not the case. It is an opportunity for operators and customers to validate their respective details of registration," added Chiloba.

He further noted that the authority had in 2021 carried out inspection exercises in 22 Counties which showed that sim cards are sold without registration and customers are advised to register later.

In some instances, the cards are given out for free or with the use of fictitious identity card numbers in most cases, therefore affecting the credibility of the database. 

"The requirement to update subscriber registration details is being done primarily to protect consumers of telecommunication services – who is you and me.

''Cases of sim-boxing, financial fraud, kidnapping, terrorism and related crimes prevail in situations of compromised sim card registration processes," he explained.

Earlier, Kenyans had complained over the long queues in the registration centres as masses rushed to have their details captured.

They also raised concerns after claims swirled around that photos were mandatory in the verification exercise to minimise impersonation within the telecommunication sector.

Entrance to Communications Authority of Kenya.
Entrance to Communications Authority of Kenya.
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