NTSA Reopens Portal for Driving Schools After 3-Month Standoff

An image of citizens getting services at NTSA offices
An image of citizens getting services at NTSA offices on February 17, 2019.

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has announced the resumption of seven crucial services that had been paralysed since February 13. 

In a notice dated Tuesday, May 3, the authority explained that the resumption comes following a court ruling delivered on April 25 lifting the suspension of the services relating to operations of driving schools. 

A spot check by Kenyans.co.ke showed that the portal was up and running after the hiatus that pitted the Ministry of Transport against the Kenya Driving Association.

The services include the licensing of driving schools, renewal of driving school licenses and the licensing of driving school instructors.

NTSA Director General George Njao addresses delegates at a past event.
NTSA Director General George Njao addresses delegates at a past event.

Other services suspended include the renewal of driving school Instructor's licenses, Provisional Driving License (PDL) application for driver trainees, test booking for driving school instructors and driver trainees and the testing of driving school instructors and driver trainees.

"In recognition of the efforts of the Ministry of Transport and the Authority (NTSA) in complying with the ruling and in the public interest, the court on April 25, 2022, lifted the suspension of the implementation of the rules as the process of laying the rules before the whole Houses in Parliament.

"The Ministry and the Authority, therefore, take this opportunity to inform the public of the resumption of the aforementioned services," the statement read in part.

The services had been halted in mid-February following a court verdict that compelled them to send the new traffic rules to both the National Assembly and the Senate.

The Kenya Driving Association had filed a lawsuit arguing that there was no sufficient public participation prior to implementation.

The court, however, maintained that the public participation had been sufficient but the rules had not been properly considered by Parliament as required by the Statutory Instruments Act. No. 23 of 2013 Laws of Kenya.

The closure, however, caused a public outcry with many arguing that Kenyans, particularly the youth, had been adversely affected.

The new directive issued in 2020 required the drive schools to reapply afresh for the licenses and pay Ksh30,000.

Thousands of uncollected Driving licences posted by NTSA on Friday March 4, 2022
Thousands of uncollected Driving licenses posted by NTSA on Friday, March 4, 2022