Govt Lists Universities Approved to Offer Law Courses - 10 Still Pending

Left to right: University of Nairobi building, Kenyatta University gate and Egerton University gate.
Left to right: University of Nairobi building, Kenyatta University gate and Egerton University gate.
University of Nairobi/Kenyatta University/Egerton University

The Council of Legal Education has published a list of all Universities approved to offer Law Courses in Kenya, including those whose approvals were still pending.

In a notice carried in the local dailies on Tuesday, June 28, the council revealed that only two institutions were approved to provide Masters in Law programme.

The two are Strathmore University which will be up for review in November 2024 and Mount Kenya University whose period was extended to March 2026.

12 Universities will offer Bachelor of Laws Degree (LLB) Diploma in Law will be studied in three institutions. The licenses of 10 other institutions are still pending while one failed to meet the criteria as of June 30, 2022.

University Of Nairobi
University Of Nairobi

In the Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) category, Egerton University School of Law received an extension of up to June 2026, Kabarak University's license was extended to June 2026 while that of Africa Nazarene University was extended to December 2025.

Licenses of Chuka University, Moi University and the University of Nairobi School of Law - Parklands campus were also extended to December 2025.

Umma University will offer LL.B courses until September 2025 while Kisii University and University of Embu have up to April 2024. 

Other approved institutions included Daystar University School of Law - Valley Road Campus (July 2023), Mt Kenya University School of Law - Parklands Campus (July 2023) and University of Nairobi School of Law - Kisumu Campus (2023).

The Kenya Institute of Management, Kisii University School of Law and Mt Kenya University - Parklands Campus are the three institutions approved to offer Diploma in Law.

Pending Approval

Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) application to renew its licenses for offering Bachelor of Laws, Masters of Laws and Diploma in Law were completed, pending approval.

The same applied to JKUAT for Bachelor of Laws as well as a proposed Masters of Laws.

Kenya School of Law (Diploma in Law - Para Legal Studies), Maseno University (Proposed Bachelor of Laws), and Strathmore University (Bachelor of Laws) were also under review.

The licenses from the UoN - Mombasa Campus to offer Bachelor of Laws and Kenyatta University - Parklands Campus to offer Bachelor of Laws were also up for assessment. 

One private institution, however, failed to renew its license.

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