Woman in Mike Sonko Child Support Case Confesses Receiving Cash to Finish Him

  • Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko during his impeachment hearing in December 2020.
    Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko during his impeachment hearing in December 2020.
  • A woman who sued former Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, demanding child upkeep money revealed that she was offered Ksh1 million to end the flamboyant politician's political career.

    In court documents dated Wednesday, July 27, the woman, who was demanding Ksh448,450 monthly upkeep, filed an affidavit to withdraw the suit after soul-searching.

    She noted that she was offered the amount by two women from the Coast region and received a sum of Ksh240,000 as down payment.

    The former Nairobi governor was, at the time of the suit filing in May, seeking nomination to join the Mombasa gubernatorial race.

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    "I was approached by two ladies from Mombasa county who promised me a sum of Ksh1 million to trash the name of the defendant who was then seeking nomination to contest for the position of governor Mombasa county by filing this instant suit.

    "I have since searched my soul on the matter, considered the suit against the defendant and I now wish to unconditionally withdraw both the chamber summons application and suit dated the 12th May 2022 and further wish to extend my unreserved apologies to the plaintiff herein and to this Honourable Court," the woman stated in the affidavit.

    In the May 12 suit, the woman claimed to have sired a daughter with Sonko 15 years ago and moved to court seeking parental support for food and shopping, rent, security, salon costs, clothing and house help fees among other things.

    She also appealed to the court to compel Sonko to chip in by paying school fees amounting to Ksh86,000 and another Ksh30,450 for other related expenses.

    On top of that, the woman wanted Sonko compelled to clear the outstanding school fees balance of Ksh37,000. The child in question, a girl, was reported to be in Form Two.

    At the time, her lawyers told the court that she lost her job and life turned out to be extremely hard for her and the minor.

    Sonko had earlier dismissed the upkeep demands making it clear that he would not fall into the trap, further noting that he was willing to personally raise the kid even if she was not his own.

    He explained that he had adopted many children and would have no problem adopting the one in question too.

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