How Brave Peace Crusader Met Her Death in Night Ambush

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    A collage of peace crusader Mary Kanyaman and Kenyan police in a past operation.
  • Vibrant Peace Crusader and former Samburu County Health Executive Mary Kanyaman lost her life trying to recover the livelihood of members of the public - Turkana Police Commander Samuel Ndanyi revealed.

    Speaking to NTV, Ndanyi revealed that Kanyaman had asked for security backup, to recover livestock that had been stolen from Ngikengoi village by armed bandits at 2 a.m on Sunday, September 25.

    Consequently, a contingent of security personnel including General Service Unit (GSU) officers, police reservists, and general patrol officers went after the bandits. Kanyaman would follow in a second vehicle

    Ndanyi noted that unknown to the officers, the bandits had wind of the operation and laid a trap for them. They hid in the bushes and thickets and awaited the vehicle.

    A collage of peace crusader Mary Kanyaman .jpg
    A photo of peace crusader Mary Kanyaman.
    Mary Kanyaman

    “The vehicle was ambushed near Namariat, Kapedo ward, by bandits who relentlessly opened fire. Seven GSU officers and the driver, a regular police officer were shot dead," the County Commander stated.

    The bandits then took cover as the second vehicle - the one in which Kanyaman was a passenger - arrived at the scene. She and Senior Chief Gilbert Lomukuny attempted to offer first aid to the officers but were attacked.

    "As a result, t Lomukuny and a peace crusader Mary Kanyaman, who is also Director of Golden Valley Cooperative were also shot dead by the bandits," Ndanyi disclosed.

    The bandits then fled the scene leaving Kanyaman fighting for her life. However, she managed to send two messages via Whatsapp; a distress call and what came to be her last request. 

    "Help us, help us. Kamuge, Ngilukia help us.Riet village has been attacked, please help us, come to our rescue," and "I am dying as a result of excessive thirst. Give me water please," read the retrieved messages.

    Only three officers survived the attack. One of them was admitted at the Lodwar County and Referral Hospital High Dependency Unit (HDU). The survivor will be ferried to Nairobi for review by a specialist.

    "He is currently in a stable condition and ready for evacuation because he requires a review by a cardiothoracic surgeon whom we don't have at this facility," the County Commander stated.

    Two other officers sustained minor gunshot injuries but are still being monitored at the same facility.

    Residents have mourned the death of Kanyaman. Her brother, former Presidential candidate and Thirdway Alliance Party Leader Ekuru Aukot called on the government to take firm action to address the insecurity in the region.

    "I have lost my sister, Mary, in a banditry attack. She had volunteered to have the police officers use her car in pursuing the suspects.The killings of innocent people by this criminal group happen almost every day in Turkana

    "Getting swift security response is a problem in many parts of Kenya, and this is due to insufficient resource allocation to the police service,” Aukot wrote

    Thirdway Alliance leader Ekuru Aukot addresses the media in 2019
    Thirdway Alliance leader Ekuru Aukot addresses the media in 2019
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