Govt Clarifies Suspension of 10 Cooking Oil Brands by KEBS

  • Cooking oil products on sale
    Cooking oil products on sale.
  • The Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and Culture on Monday, September 26, issued a clarification regarding the 10 cooking oil brands that had been recalled by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).

    In a statement, the state explained that only the batches mentioned in their statement to the press were found to contain a higher level of iron exceeding the 2.5 mark permitted by Kenya's regulations.

    For Instance, batch number 1.07921 of Bahari Fry was found unfit while the FF1L17487D batch of Fresh Fri as well as FF500175260 batch of Fresh Fri with Garlic oil.

    Other batches were 8941D of Fry Mate, 105948 of Olive Gold, 0210322B of Postman, 0340522B of Rina, SS1L17472D of Salit, 152222A of Tilly and OL4A3 MF9.25.05.22 of Top Fry.

    Managing Director Bernard Njiraini making his remarks during the World Standards Celebration on October 15, 2020
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    The State Department of Industrialisation further explained that all the other products from the manufacturers were safe for consumption.

    "We wish to reassure the public that whatever else's is in the market from the respective brands is the safe and there is no cause for alarm.

    "The purpose of this meeting was to build consensus on the way forward," the letter read in part.

    The statement came shortly after KEBS Managing Editor Bernard Njiraini explained that the 10 brands were recalled for containing higher levels of iron than stipulated.

    He noted that the tests had been carried out for three months beginning June 2022 and found some products had not been compliant.

    "We did a surveillance starting June to the month of July and August. We did detect non-compliance in terms of the iron content levels where the standard is very clear - we should have a minimum of 2.5.

    "When we collected samples from various shops, we detected it was slightly higher and that is the reason we decided to inform the manufacturers and distributors that whatever does not meet the requirements need to be withdrawn or recalled. That is to ensure we are all in compliance with the laws," stated Njiraini.

    After the suspension, Pwani Oil, which had four products in the list, assured its customers of safety after conducting a number of tests.

    "We responded immediately indicating our corrective action plan for those specific batches stated which included, product isolation and withdrawal and samples to be sent for retesting to KEBS' accredited laboratory," read the statement in part.

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