Kasavuli Turned Down Car Offer for Citizen TV Job - Swaleh Mdoe 

Kasavuli and Sawale
Veteran Journalist Catherine Kasavuli (Left) and Citizen TV News Anchor Swaleh Mdoe (Right).
Citizen Digital

The life of celebrated Kenyan Journalist Catherine Kasavuli was on Saturday, January 14, extensively propounded during her burial ceremony at Zululu village in Vihiga County. 

Among those who eulogised Kasavuli were colleagues with whom she served in various media houses including Royal Media Services (RMS), Standard Group PLC (SGL) and Kenya Broadcast Corporation (KBC). 

In particular, Citizen TV Swahili News presenter and editor Swaleh Mdoe revealed the boardroom negotiations that took place as RMS tried to entice Kasavuli to join the company. At the time, she was attached to Standard Media Group

"Royal Media Services Group Managing Director Wachira Waruru wanted Catherine Kasavuli to exit KTN together with me. Catherine was supposed to present English news," Swaleh explained. 

Catherine Kasavuli
Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) News Anchor Catherine Kasavuli.
Twitter/Catherine Kasavuli

According to Swaleh, RMS was intent on getting Kasavuli that the management decided to use unpopular means to negotiate with her. 

"I can vividly remember that it was an uphill task to get Catherine from KTN. Royal Media Services Group Managing Director Wachira Waruru and I had to visit Catherine at home," he explained.

In the minds of Royal Media Services managers, Kasavauli would give them better attention if they had a one-on-one conversation about the new opportunities. 

"We then tried to entice her to join Royal Media Service after taking supper at her house.  I saw Catherine crying literally because when KTN heard that she wanted to leave the station, they promised to buy her a brand-new car. 

"She became undecided on whether to take the new car or move to Royal Media Services. We told her that if they wanted to buy you a car, they would have bought it way before we came for you. We finally succeeded in bringing Catherine to Citizen TV," he explained.

Kasavuli finally joined RMS in 2007 as a news anchor and corporate affairs manager after a successful stint at KTN.

At Royal Media Services, Kasavuli achieved so much in her professional career, including recognition by the state. 

Former President Mwai Kibaki, in 2008, feted Kasavuli with the Order of the Grand Warrior(OGW) Presidential Award in recognition of her effort in the media industry. 

Kasavuli left Royal Media Services in 2015 and established her own company known as Kasavuli Media Group.

She later joined Kenya Broadcasting Corporation as a News anchor in 2021 after a 7-year-old long hiatus.

Kasavuli was known for her brilliance in news presentation and wordplay during live television broadcasts.

The veteran TV journalist Catherine Kasavuli passed on aged 60 years on Friday, December 30, after a long battle with cancer.  

Royal Media Services Managing Director Wachira Waruru, after his election as the chairperson of Media Owners Association on April 27, 2018.
Royal Media Services Managing Director Wachira Waruru, after his election as the chairperson of Media Owners Association on April 27, 2018.
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