Ex-NTV Journalist Lands Job at Ministry of Foreign Affairs

A photo of journalist and Head of Communications at Ministry of Foreign Affairs Emmanuel Juma
A photo of journalist and Head of Communications at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Emmanuel Juma
Emmanuel Juma

Former NTV  journalist Emmanuel Juma, widely recognized for his Bull's Eye political satire segment on Friday prime time news, has landed a job at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the Head of Communications. 

In an official statement released on Wednesday, Alfred Mutua, the Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs, officially confirmed this appointment. He expressed his confidence in Juma's suitability for the role, affirming that Juma's profound experience within the media landscape perfectly aligns with the requirements of the position.

Mutua further emphasized that Juma's extensive background in the media industry will undeniably prove to be of immense value to the ministry, playing a pivotal role in ensuring efficient and effective communication strategies.

"Juma brings a wealth of experience in all Media areas and has the personality, creativity, and drive to enable the Ministry to communicate its Foreign and Diaspora positions more effectively," Mutua stated.

Journalist Emmanuel Juma (left) and Foreign Affairs CS Alfred Mutua (right) on Wednesday August 16, 2023
Journalist Emmanuel Juma (left) and Foreign Affairs CS Alfred Mutua (right) on Wednesday, August 16, 2023
Alfred Mutua

The Cabinet Secretary revealed that the Ministry will from September start holding regular press conferences to brief the Nation on Foreign and Diaspora matters.

These scheduled media briefings will be dubbed "Foreign Briefs," with either the CS himself or the Ministry's two Principal Secretaries, Roseline Njogu and Korir Sing'Oei, overseeing the briefings.

Emmanuel Juma's career in the media sphere was notably highlighted by his weekly segment, "The Bull's Eye," which was a prominent feature on NTV's programming, airing every Friday following the Prime Time news.

The segment curates significant political occurrences that happened during the week albeit with a light touch. The programme gained popularity due to its meticulous compilation and Juma's compelling storytelling.

During his tenure at NTV, Juma held dual roles as the head of news and the managing editor, further exemplifying his multifaceted proficiency.

Prior to his tenure at NTV starting in 2005, Juma's journalistic journey encompassed a stint as a reporter at KTN and time at the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC).

The journalist's eloquent reporting style made him a favourite among local television audiences.

Despite his notable achievements, Juma faced a setback in 2018 when he was let go by the media house due to redundancy. He subsequently joined Switch TV, but within six months, he received an offer of reemployment from NTV.

However, Juma's journey took another turn as he decided to leave the station in December 2020.

The Nation Centre building in Nairobi's Kimathi Street where the Nation Media Group offices are located. Monday, October 21, 2019
The Nation Centre building located at Kimathi Street, Nairobi's Central Business District (CBD).