Residents Warned as Fire Guts Down Section of Kibra Slum

Nairobi County Fire Engine
Nairobi fire fighters engage in a drill
Nairobi City County

The Kenya Red Cross (KRC) has warned commuters and residents of Nairobi that a huge fire is currently tearing through Kibera slum.

KRC reported on Thursday that the fire spread quickly around the Katwekera area in the slum, which also serves as a vital transport artery as the railways pass through the informal settlement. 

According to Kenya Red Cross, emergency responders have been informed of the incident, and are currently assisting locals.  

"Nairobi City County Fire Brigade have been informed and are currently on their way to the location of the fire," Kenya Red Cross stated.

Cars branded by Kenya Red Cross logo
Emergency service providers, Kenya Red Cross, parades its vehicles ahead of a mission

The fire broke out at around 4:40 p.m. as people returned home from work. It was reported that a number of structures, made of iron sheets, had completely been gutted down.

Nairobi County Government failed to reveal the cause of the fire but noted that it is suspected to have been caused by an electrical fault.

The Kenya Red Cross has dispatched teams to the scene to provide assistance to the affected residents. They will be working with the fire department to put out the fire.

"Kenya Red Cross has notified and dispatched RCATs to the scene, and will be working with authority to assist the victims," the statement read in parts.

No casualties or injuries have been reported as of the time of publishing. 

Kibera slums and other informal settlements in Nairobi are prone to fire incidents. 

This is the second fire incident in a month. 

On Thursday, 7 September, another fire broke out at a tourist resort in Lokichar, burning part of the Safari Hotel in Turkana County. 

File photo of fire engines parked at Nairobi Fire Station Near Khoja roundabout
File photo of fire engines parked at Nairobi Fire Station Near Khoja roundabout
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