Ben Kiprotich's Family Seeks Help to Repatriate His Body Back Home

A photo of Benson Kiprotich.
A photo of Benson Kiprotich.
Citizen TV

A Kenyan family is seeking assistance from well-wishers after their son who had gone to the United States for an academic scholarship died last week on Wednesday under unclear circumstances.  

Ben Kiprotich, who scored grade A in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), initially enrolled at the University of Nairobi in 2016 to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Electronic Engineering.

His exceptional academic talents did not go unnoticed, as he was swiftly identified as a prodigious student and subsequently awarded a scholarship to continue pursuing Engineering in the United States. 

In 2017, the Kiprotich family bid their farewell to their son as he embarked on his educational journey to the West.

A photo of the entrance to The University of Nairobi.
A photo of the entrance to The University of Nairobi.
The University of Nairobi

The young man never came back to Kenya but was always in constant communication with the family.

“He has never gotten a chance to come home. Recently, he promised to come home this December,” the father told the press. 

“Unfortunately, he met his demise recently on Wednesday last week.”

The family is still grappling with the shock of Ben's untimely passing, particularly because he had been in good health. 

They fondly recall him as a diligent and loving child who remained resolute in his pursuit of success, despite facing numerous challenges.

Ben's father mentioned that, at the time of his demise, his son was residing in Alabama. However, he did not disclose whether Ben had already graduated.

The family has revealed that American authorities have completed the postmortem examination, but by the time of publishing this article, they had not received the results.

“We are in the dark. My brother was not sick and even his friends in America do not know what happened,” Kiprotich’s sister remarked. 

The family is currently facing a Ksh4 million bill for repatriating their relative's body back to Kenya.

“We are begging friends, well-wishers, county and national governments to help us bring our boy home to rest,” the family pleaded. 

US embassy, Nairobi
A photo of the gate of the United States Embassy gate, Nairobi
The US Embassy Kenya
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